Feb 13


Interior design involves more than just hard finishes and furniture. The final layer of a space is drapery, art and decor. Art is very personal and I like a lot of modern and simple . One of the artists that I love is Windy O’Connor! Her shop is full of adorable art and decor. Her artwork is unique, colorful and will look good in so many different spaces. I love the whimsy of her faces and the various color combos.

Pink and white wallpaper in bathroom with windy oconnor art

In my Cart

With photoshoots coming up, I am on the lookout for styling props. I always keep my eye out for them any time I’m out and about. I look for things that I like that will easily layer into several projects. One item I am getting more of is faux greenery. I always prefer real florals and greenery but when it comes to larger trees, faux works and I can use them over and over again. I am ordering at least one of these trees but will probably order a couple ones to add to my collection.

Progress at the Studio

It’s been a couple of weeks and we have been busy! The days have been filled with design meetings, zoom meetings, coaching calls and site visits.

Due to the ice storm we had, our drapery install was rescheduled. But now that they are installed, it was worth the 8am reschedule because they look great! Drapery really transforms a space and should always be part of the budget. They soften a room, will always add texture and can add color if you so choose and make a room feel complete.

We attended our first site visit for a custom new build that is in framing. There were a couple of items we needed to review on site. Get a peak of the design concept for this home here!

Stopping by a client’s home to finally deliver her outdoor pillows was the best part of the past week because we were able to see the outdoor pool area finally start coming together! Excited to shoot this one next month!

Coming Up!

We have a kick-off meeting scheduled with a new build we are starting! Sneak peak of the exterior:

We also have a design meeting to review a re-design of a home gym and powder bath. We are excited to present the ideas as we wrap up the design phase! Paneling ideas we will be looking at 🙂


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