Our creative services fee varies and is determined by the scope and size of each project and therefore customized to every client. We do offer an in-person design strategy session at your project site for a small fee. This is a working meeting where dive deeper into actual design solutions. We offer several design packages aimed to fit the type of service you are looking for. 

How much is your design fee?


Full service covers concept to completion. We start by working with the existing architecture of a space and add architectural details, select materials and finishes and then follow through construction and into the final phase of furniture and accessories install. 

what is full service interior design?


Interior designers seamlessly integrate into the project during any phase of the project; however it is preferred that designers are brought in as early in the process as possible with your existing team of architects and contractors to make the process as smooth as possible and ensure the vision is achieved from all parties involved. 

how does an interior designer fit into the project team?


We collaborate with our clients on mood boards, concepts and ideas and then refine these into specific selections for architectural materials and furniture. Throughout the design phase, we are presenting drawings and images to illustrate the intended design using 2D and 3D formats as needed. All purchases are submitted for review prior to ordering and drawings and spreadsheets are provided for the installer trades.  

How will you help me navigate the design process?


Our design studio specializes in high-end residential new build homes and renovations. In addition, we take a handful of boutique commercial projects. Construction is typically involved in our projects and is completed with furniture. Occasionally we will take on a solo furniture and accessory project. We are passionate about getting to know our clients and designing a complete space that reflects their lifestyle. Most often, this requires more than just selecting a piece or two. 

what kinds of projects do you contract?


A purchasing service is implemented as part of our full-service design package. Furnishings are invoiced at the time of approval.  Our procurement service includes confirming all of the specifications, submitting payment, and order tracking. Deliveries are made to local receivers who will unpack and inspect each item upon arrival. Once all furnishings have arrived at the warehouse, we will schedule and installation day and supervise the installation. 

how is furniture purchased and installed?


The design process is broken down into three areas. We start with the design phase where we start with concepts and ideas and end with all of the final selections. Next we move into the project management phase where all of the selections are ordered and tracked. This is typically when construction is happening simultaneously. The third phase is the installation phase of furniture and hand selected accessories to complete the look that are delivered with white glove service. 



We are going to be good friends! It varies based on project size and scope. For new builds and large renovations, whole homes typically range from 1 to 2 years. Smaller projects and individual spaces typically take 8 to 12 weeks for the design phase. Timelines are unique to each project and will vary. Decision making, custom pieces, material and furniture deliveries can delay a project but our team does everything we can to make this an enjoyable and smooth process.