who we are

Lisa comes from a background in corporate retail and design where details, deadlines and schedules are the norm. She spent over five years in the world of merchandising in NYC, working as a buyer in the home industry before returning to school to pursue interior design full time. Follow through and project management are keys to ensuring a successful project. She offers clients a timeless, unique and personal design experience and carefully considers the individual needs of each client. 

meet lisa

We take a thoughtful approach to every client we work with, every space we design. We collaborate with our clients on every detail from concept to completion.  We see each project as an opportunity to create something special and really beautiful - to tell a visual story through design. Every project begins with a story inspired by our clients - how they live, what they love and understanding the why behind their wants.

our approach

"I am invested in seeing our projects through to the end and delivering an end result that feels elevated, editorial and super personal"

From studs to styling!

design is

design is 

We collaborate with our clients on mood boards, architectural and millwork elevations, detailed elements, renderings, as well as floor plan development to achieve the best finished product. We provide on-going construction support services throughout the building process to help contractors resolve unexpected issues and ensure the design vision is achieved. We want to build strong teams with our contractors, installers, vendors and owners alike.


a visual story


Design is an investment in yourself or your company. We want to make sure that the materials and pieces going into your space. We take pride in producing quality drawings so that the end result turns out as envisioned.


Creativity is a combination of problem solving and capturing the spirit of each client through a customized design.  We always strive to present several ideas and creative options for our clients. 


Integrity is at the core of how we operate. We do what it takes and in the right way at all times. We are committed to carrying out each action with honesty that will foster trustworthiness amongst our clients, our vendors and suppliers as well as each other.



A sense of humor is important and we like to laugh and make work enjoyable!


The learning and growth never stops. We believe there is always room for refinement and improvement, learning about new materials, techniques and products to make our projects better.


Partnership with our clients, trade professionals and our suppliers is key to ensuring a successful project. Everyone's ideas matter.


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