Concept: Retro Playroom Design

Feb 7

Take a peak at a fun and 60’s style playroom we designed for a client’s new home. Inspired by old Miami and the 60’s lead us to creating such a memorable space! Our client came to us wanting to do something fun in the playroom and sent some inspiration images. We knew she wanted color and she wanted it to be an extension from the outdoor patio and pool area we designed in a graphic black and white palette.

Retro 60's striped playroom

The inspiration

We reviewed several inspiration images with our client. We talked about colors, about patterns and about different ideas of how we could translate this feeling into the space and make it feel connected to the outdoor living space without being an exact replica. This became our retro playroom design concept. During our concept meeting, we landed on bringing in stripes in a fun color. The next question was where to put the stripes. We really decided to commit to the idea by going wall-to-wall with this pattern.

Another fun element we discussed was creating a custom neon sign on the main striped wall. We asked our client to chose a phrase that was meaningful in some way to her and her family. Going with something generic would have been an okay option but we want the space to feel very personalized for our client.

green and white striped walls

There are two mains walls in the space-the wall behind the sofa and the TV wall. One side wall has slider doors (which equals tons of natural light, which we love!) and the other has custom toy storage that we designed and art above. If we were going to only paint the stripes on one wall, it was going to be on the sofa wall. It’s a wall that is seen from the dining/kitchen so it will give a peak into that fun area and draw people into it. Next was deciding on the color of the stripes. Option 1 was a green and option 2 was a pink. She selected the pink that we reviewed the design with the painter to get this design into motion.

Gray Malin photography fills the space above the custom toy storage. The three prints are the perfect addition to our retro playroom design concept. Final photos coming soon!!

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