Mood: At First Blush

Feb 14

At first blush: a romance with pink and red. In honor of Valentine’s day, we are having fun diving into deeps reds with pops of pink! Pink and red are such a fun color combo and it does not have to be Valentine’s day to pull it off. From fashion to interior seating to wallpaper, these options are good all year long!

Valentine inspiration color board of pink and red. At first blush.
This pale pink/peachy hue is so good. Definitely at first blush they have my attention!
Look at this cute combo outfit! A frilly pink top and red pants are very fun. Let’s not forget the red heart glasses too!
This is appropriately called the heart sofa and it is a sexy sofa!
Give me all the red tulle! Perfection.
And we cannot complete this post without a nod to the iconic Salvador Dali lips sofa. Read more about it here.

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