How to Style Throw Pillows on a Sofa

Jan 28

Want to know how to style throw pillows on a sofa? We are diving deeper into styling patterns and sizes in this post. One of the last phases of the an interior design project is selecting accessories such as pillows for the new sofas gracing our clients spaces. Most of the time, the sofas are neutral in color so there are a number of directions you can go with pillows and create any kind of vibe you want. We are working on several projects and finishing off spaces so we’ve created several looks with different palettes as inspiration.

  • Layer in Sizes. Depending on size and depth of the sofa, start with the largest size pillow and work your way down. Most common sizes: 22″, 20″, 18″ and possibly a lumbar.
  • Layer in Patterns. You can mix a large scale pattern with a small scale pattern, a solid with a pattern or two opposite patterns like a stripe and a floral.
  • Style throw pillows in groups of 2 or 3 at each corner of the sofa.

Bold + Graphic

In this palette we have bold, high contrast black and white prints and brought in a pop of color. The color pop we selected for this look is a peachy/rose color pulling from an existing rug in the space. Black and white act as a neutral even when used in combination with each other. This makes it a great option to bring in any color or colors you want to highlight.


Soft + Neutral

For this look we are keeping it warm and neutral. This look is so versatile can layer into many different styles. We pulled in several patterns to add interest and make it feel collected. The large scale plaid pairs with a smaller scaled printed floral pattern so that they complement each other versus competing. We also are using a solid with a pattern and when doing this, we will pull a color from the patterned pillow so that they complement each other as well.


Tailored Cool

In this palette we are working in a space that has a lot neutrals in whites and grays. We want to keep the sofa tailored and sophisticated so we want to do some color blocking and then layer in some color. We have some navy chairs in one corner and are keeping this blue hue in mind as we layer. Using two of the color blocked white and navy pillows keeps the look symmetrical and a little more formal.


Girls’ Fun

In this palette we are pulling in some fun and girly pinks as options for a sectional. The idea here is to bring in a whimsical element through these pillows into the overall space. We went with a blush velvet, a blush linen with pompoms and patterns that go with them. Polka dot are always a good idea in kids spaces.



In this palette we have pulled selections that are graphic and have unique color palettes. Many of these are made out of vintage textiles from South East Asia and Africa. They are fun and more unique than what you would find walking into any major retailer. You can go all in on this look and layer several pattern options or pull in one or two as a bold accent. A curated color palette of black and white and a bold blue and pink color scheme below.


Outdoor Glam

Don’t forget your outdoor space! Seating areas need pillow styling too. We have a base of white and black already in the space and white and light gray seating that we are bringing in accents for. We are committing to this palette and bringing in bold patterns to really play up the look even more.


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