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Dec 10

Safari style or the interior design of African safari lodges was one of the most unexpected and best parts of my trip to Africa. I did not know what to expect when traveling to Africa for the first time but the safari lodge style was love at first site. The style is sophisticated, elevated, rustic yet classic. The combination of textures and materials woven throughout was gorgeous! You’ll find a combination of warm leather, African mudcloth fabrics in browns, beiges and pops of blue as well as woven seagrass rugs throughout the spaces.

African Safari Interior Design
African Safari Design and Style
African Safari Architecture
African Safari Interior Design
African home decor
South African Interior Design - safari lodge
African Safari Breakfast
African Safari Lodge Bar
African Safari Lodge Bar

Dinner Lighting

Lanterns and Candles Light Dinner at African Safari Lodge
Lanterns at Dinner at Safari Lodge

Bedroom Interiors

White bed at African Safari Lodge Camp
White Bedroom and Bathroom Interior Design in South African Safari Lodge.
White freestanding tub and open vanity in South African safari lodge.
White shower in African Safari Lodge

Key Design Elements

  • Texture: through wall and ceiling materials, textiles-pillows, upholstery, accessories and decor
  • Neutral Palette: bringing in the surrounding African country side – browns, golds, beiges, ivory
  • Photography: large scale photography of the local animals that roam the land. Many times featured in black and white and large in scale or assembled as a gallery focal wall.

You can see how to bring some of this style into your home from a previous post where we discuss lighting and texture.

If you want more beautiful photography of various safari lodges, this coffee table book is for you: Safari Style

Safari Style: Exceptional African Camps and Lodges

safari style book

Fashion Inspiration

While we are discussing the beautiful interiors, let’s talk fashion. These beautiful lodges remind me so much of Ralph Lauren and any of them would be the perfect backdrop for their campaigns. Hats, khakis, linens and jumpsuits in shades of beige, browns and olives all scream safari chic.

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  1. T walker says:

    Love this!!

  2. Daphne says:

    I adore your style we stayed at Londo and fell in love. Well done.


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