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Dec 1

Good as Gold!

Shades of brass and gold are very on trend these days. it’s by far the most requested finish from our clients. While there are some items that are more trendy, gold (brass specifically) is classic in nature. Un-lacquered brass is classic in its finish and develops a lovely patina over time as it is a live finish. It can always be polished to bring it back to its original glory.

gold in home decor products and fashion.

The color gold has meanings associated with luxury, prestige, and is at the top of the color hierarchy. It gets noticed and what everyone strives to win in competition. There is an elegance to the color – a soft gold cannot be beat when wanting to elevate a space. It’s also a warm color and can be bright and fun or lean more traditional (think lighting and jewelry). Mixing metal finishes is extremely popular and mixing gold and silver make a great pairing. We prefer polished nickel mixed with brass since it’s a warmer toned silver.

There are so many ways to bring gold into your home. Look at this playful kids room with this wallpaper. It’s bold, it’s fun and acts as a neutral on all of the walls.

Gold Floral Wallpaper
image via

If you don’t want to go quite as bold, a brass light fixture or hardware can get you participating in this iconic color trend. In this project the client wanted touches of gold throughout and we brought it in through cabinet knobs and pulls that really pop against the white cabinetry as well as gold sconces that flank the sinks.

Gold cabinet hardware on white vanity with gray tile floor.

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