Guide to Round Top, Texas

Oct 28
Round Top, Texas travel guide for the antique show

It’s that time of year again and we are back at the Antiques Show in Round Top, Texas! The show seems to grow every year and I am always amazed at what we find there. The big show takes place twice a year – fall and spring. It’s typically pretty warm during the fall market and a little bit cooler in the spring. The show is big! It is impossible to see everything in one day. It spans from Burton to Warrenton along 237. You will see all of the permanent locations as well as all of the tents that pop of for the show. If you love antiques and vintage items, this place is for you. While the majority of vendors carry vintage items, there are more and more vendors brining in containers of newer product so the mix is really diversifying all the time.

Here is our round up of all things Round Top!

artist paul meyer studios
artist from Austin who has a shop at market hill
the porch round top, texas
vintage feeling imported goods
nomadic trading in round top texas
they have two locations – one at market hill and one at excess
eneby home at round top, texas
located at the compound, they always have a unique collection of vintage pieces.
Schwung home at market hill in round top, texas
a mix of current imports and vintage items can be found here
heja home in round top, texas
pretty soft neutral rugs and pillows from Morocco at the arbors
old world antieks in round top, texas
they have two locations – one at blue hills and one at the compound. Get your fill of stone bowls, Turkish cutting boards and vintage doors here.
vintage carousel


*Wear comfortable shoes – you will do a lot of walking!

*Dress in layers. The temperature will change throughout the day so I always tell people to layer to have the flexibility to adjust. Note: most of the venues are outdoors and the market goes on rain or shine.

*Bring cash or checks. Most vendors do take credit cards but sometimes add on the 3% cc fee to use them. If you are paying cash, you will have more negotiation power.

*Make reservations for lunch/dinner. There are long lines and waits at peak feasting hour so always best to make a reservation ahead of time.

*Book your accommodations early if you plan to stay the night. Round Top is small and places books up early. Brenham is a larger town that is nearby and always a good option.

*Products – if you fall in love with furniture or other large items that won’t fit in your car, there are companies that you can arrange delivery through. For smaller items, it’s always helpful to bring some bags since a lot of vendors do have provide them.

*There is free parking all over the place at the show so no need to worry about that. In certain areas it makes sense to park your car in a central area and walk to nearby vendors.

lulu's round top, texas
cute Italian restaurant in the heart of town
the garden company restaurant in round top, texas
nice outdoor area to enjoy a variety of food options
royers pie heaven in round top, texas
the best pies ever is all we have to say about this institution
ellis motel and lulu's bar in round top, texas
grab an end-of-day drink at one of these two fun bars
white pots on black table

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