Getting Started with an Interior Designer

Jul 26

Working with an interior designer on your project is beneficial for a number of reasons. Interior designers work on projects everyday—they have a level of expertise that the average person does not when it comes to selecting, planning and managing a design project.  Designers work on a number of projects and project types that give them historical knowledge and data to pull from when looking at new projects.  They have seen what has worked out well in other projects and what has not, what has been a success and what has been missed. There are hundreds of details and decisions that go into a new build or remodel and having a designer in your corner as part of your team will make the process smoother and more fun!

When you have decided to move forward with an interior designer, you will typically have a discovery call where you will discuss the project scope, budget, timeline, etc. Once enough info has been gathered, a design proposal will be issued. When the design process starts, it is vital for the designer to get a sense of your aesthetic. They are creating a space to reflect you, your lifestyle and your needs.


Visual imagery is a vital component to starting the design process. Clients can create Pinterest boards or books on Houzz to show the designer and discuss in greater detail what they love about those photos.  This process might seem a little tedious, but it ensures the best end result.Nuela-Designs-Pinterest.jpg


We prefer to stay away from attaching labels to styles immediately because we have found that different styles mean very different things to different individuals and it’s important not to pigeon-hole yourself into a style that the designer might interpret differently.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tile-wallpaper-flatlay.JPG


Designers are in your corner and part of your team. The end goal is to create a functional and beautiful project that you will love. There are a lot of details and materials that go into creating every gorgeous space and while designers try their best to make things run as smoothly as possible, there are a number of things that are out of their control that can impact timelines. When it comes to shipping and delivery, there is always a chance that things can arrive damaged or broken or sometimes just come in wrong. The designer will work to make sure that a new item or new material is ordered to replace the damaged one. This could impact the timeline of the project.  There are shipping delays that are out of anyone’s control and while it can be frustrating, the designer will make it as painless as possible!


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